From idea to reality

The story of Danwell stems from an observation made by some young men who, during their youth years, had been living on several continents during their world tour. In their contact with many different peoples, there was a question they were asked repeatedly after telling where they came from. “Why can’t we get the same healthy food as in Europe?”.

This question remained a thought until the day the young gentlemen once again had Danish soil under their feet. They therefore decided to act proactively, and what we know as Danwell today was thus started.

Danwells Danish roots and values ​​bring a unique value to our thinking. Denmark is especially known for a well-developed and large food industry. For generations, the Danish population has benefited from the production from our agriculture, as well as products from our European neighbors. It is our hope to share this with the rest of the world.

In Frederiksvaerk, located in North Zealand between Roskilde Fjord and Kattegat, Danwell headquarters is located between historic buildings, green fields and the most beautiful coasts in Europe. Since the many people they met on their trip through the world were not the only ones who sought quality products for their everyday lives, we have experienced a fantastic reception of the products we currently offer to our customers in more than 35 countries … more and more in the near future.

We welcome you all …