From idea to reality

The story of Danwell originates in observations made by a few young men exploring the world during their youth. Travelling the globe they came in contact with several different people and communities. One question  repeatedly popped up when people learned where in the world from where they came. “Why is it that we cannot get the same healthy and high quality food as you have in Europe?”.

This question remained a thought until the day the young gentlemen once again had Danish soil under their feet. They therefore decided to act proactively, and what we know as Danwell today was saw the light of day.

Danwell’s Danish roots and strong core values are ​​deeply embedded into our mindset, driving our high ambitions to deliver healthy, premium-quality, food products to our customers. Denmark is especially known for a well-developed, high-quality food industry. For generations, the Danish population has benefited from agriculture, both domestically and from our European neighbours. It is our aim to share this high-quality Danish food tradition with the rest of the world.

In Frederiksvaerk, located in North Zealand between Roskilde Fjord and Kattegat, Danwell is domiciled between historic buildings, green fields and some of the most beautiful coastline in Europe. The many people the young fellows met during their trip around the world were not the only ones seeking quality products for their everyday uses. Our products have been overwhelmingly well received by our customers across more than 35 countries … more and more in the near future.

We welcome you all …