Food Safety

Denmark cherishes food quality

There is no doubt that in Denmark for many years we have been among the world’s best in the field of food safety. Denmark is internationally recognized for high quality and safe food products. In Denmark, for many generations, the nutritious content of products has been enjoyed. By continually improving extraction and processing processes, we are able to maintain a position as an attractive pioneer.

Milk Properties

It is no coincidence that precisely Danish products are sought after. Danish dairy, food companies and research institutions work closely together to continually learn how to get the best benefit from our products. An important player in this context is the National Center for Food and Agriculture at Aarhus University, which has focused on how to improve the quality of Danish products in the future.

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The Happy Agriculture

Denmark has for many centuries been in agricultural society, where the animals have played a central role in its development. Danish farmers therefore prioritize their livestock welfare highly, which is why Danish cows’ milk quality, as well as general meat quality, is sublime. The good relations between farmers and researchers in between divert knowledge sharing, which means that new methods can be continually provided that improve the welfare of the animal population as well as the milk and the quality of the meat.

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